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Danielle G. Van Ess is a Massachusetts born and raised attorney-mama of 4 children (currently between 1 and 10 years old) who’s excited about helping people add to, protect, & move their families® by providing professional legal services in the areas of adoption, estate planning, & residential real estate.  In 2008, Danielle’s desire to help people through the law and entrepreneurial spirit caused her to think hanging out an actual shingle and going solo was a great idea. Since then she’s become passionate about helping you build, grow, and nurture your business™ too.

DGVE law Hingham MA

DGVE law, LLC is located on the South Shore of Boston in Hingham, Massachusetts, but our clients reside all around the Greater Boston Area from Boston to the North Shore, Metro West, and the Cape.  They come from diverse backgrounds and family structures and are an amazing bunch of people who start out or end up as friends with whom we enjoy developing lasting relationships.

We maintain a special estate planning focus on the unique needs of parents of young children just filling their nests, serving them with deep empathy and compassion.  We also serve many families just emptying their nests and settling into retirement with the same degree of care we would for our own parents.  We are honored to serve multiple generations in the same families comforting the parents with the knowledge that we intend to be here to guide their children after they’re gone. Just ask some of our clients and they’ll probably have some good stories to tell you; ours is a very family friendly law firm!

We also enjoy working with very small locally rooted and family owned businesses because that describes DGVE law too.  We totally get it and we want to help your small, local business succeed so your family and our communities do too.

Since DGVE law’s inception in 2008, we’ve been pretty tech-comfy, much-less-paper law office, committed to conserving energy, reducing paper waste, recycling, making environmentally conscious purchases, reducing greenhouse gases, and developing sustainable practices.

We hope that in the time you spend here you will learn something, laugh, or start to think about something differently. This is all general information only here and is not intended to provide you with any specific legal advice.  Reading this information or our law firm, DGVE law, LLC,  does not in any way create an attorney-client relationship. Now that that’s out of the way, read on and let us know what you think.


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