Astrid Is Doing Remarkably Well!

As most of you know by now, DGVE law‘s Client Liaison and Paralegal, Astrid A. Muhammad, had brain surgery at the end of August to remove a benign but invasive brain tumor.  Within days she was texting me to check on clients and firm matters!  It’s been just over a month and already she cannot lie idle, so Astrid is back to work part time, helping keep me and your matters on track.

For those of you who don’t know, Astrid and I met in high school, lost touch for about 15 years, then reconnected through the positive wonders of Facebook.  Serendipity brought us back together in 2009 when Astrid became the first additional member of the DGVE law Team.  In the 5 years since she has become not only my right arm, but also a very dear friend. Astrid is the type of person that inspires you to be your best self.

Astrid, her family, and I have felt and been uplifted by and are so grateful for your expressions of sympathy, your kind wishes, and your encouragement over the past few exceptionally challenging months.  She still has a considerable amount of recovery road left to travel, including relearning how to walk without a cane, regain full hearing, and lose the facial paralysis she has suffered as a result of all this, but she is confident that she will be back teaching Zumba and running marathons as soon as humanly possible.  With the positive and inspirational attitude Astrid has maintained throughout I have no doubt she will.

Meanwhile, so many of you have asked me how you could help. Astrid’s husband and two young children and both sides of their families have helped as much as possible.  Her husband’s family is here on the South Shore (feel free to lobby hard for them to move back here!) and her mother is down in Florida.  Though we can’t easily deliver meals for Astrid and her family or help with rides for the kids to and from their after school activities from here, we can help make things a little easier for them despite the miles. After much trial and error, this is what I’ve struck on as the best way to help: 

Thanks so much in advance.  As we so often comment to one another, we have the best friends and clients!


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