How to Keep a Bad Mommy Day from Becoming a Nightmare

We’ve all had bad mommy days (and anyone who says she hasn’t is a lying liar, there, I said it).  The key is not to let a momentary lapse of judgment (or three?) become a long term nightmare, a la Britney Spears.
OK, I confess I’m not much for the Hollywood and celebrity gossip so I don’t know half the details, but I have followed along enough to know that a Court of law hasn’t allowed Britney Spears to manage her own finances in quite some time.  Instead, that job has fallen to the man, now men, in her life – first her father, and now her fiance.
The thing is, it’s so easy to avoid having a Judge decide who will manage all the personal financial details of your life if you’re ever temporarily unwell, more likely due to a car accident or surgery for most of us, though there are those days when acting out and rebelling wildly against everything you’re otherwise expected to do can seem momentarily appealing, no?
Just as you seek out a hairdresser you trust with your own locks, find a lawyer with whom you can let down your guard and trust to talk with openly about shaping the right estate plan to fit you and your family.
Make your own well-informed decisions then walk back out into the world confidently, with that safety net underneath you, you know, just in case.

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