Zombie Apocalypse Estate Planning – Final Wishes

The Walking Dead has made me realize yet another question I may be missing on my estate planning intake worksheet:  What are your final wishes in the event of a zombie apocalypse? 

If you too are watching this series you know it’s fairly terrifying and psychologically devastating as well. So watching it recently with my husband, who happens to be a bit of a zombie expert, we delved into this conversation.

Here are some possible end of life scenarios you may wish to discuss with your better half:

1. Would you like a Reliving Will™ by my clever cousin to express your personal preferences regarding your end of life care in the event you are bitten by a walker?  If so, whom would you like to name to express those wishes for you in the event you are not able to express them yourself?  Whom would you like to name as backup in case that first choice has already become one of the living dead?  And as a backup to that backup?  And just to be safe, how about one more?

2.  In the event you are bitten, infected, and have become unconscious how long should your loved ones wait before destroying your brain: until you die initially or until they are sure that you have come back from the dead with an insatiable and indiscriminate hunger for human flesh?

3.  Just to be clear, in the event your life functions cease and you reanimate as one of the living dead, would you want your surviving loved ones to keep you contained in a barn like cattle or would you prefer a quick execution?  Keep in mind, scientists (if they are not all zombies by then) may be trying to formulate a cure.

Please let me know what else I’m missing from this line of questioning!

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2 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse Estate Planning – Final Wishes

  1. Not from MA, but…

    I would certainly want to offer the option of a Do Not Cure provision if (1) the physical decay of zombiehood has caused certain parts of one's body to fall off or decay beyond repair or return (or those parts have been shot/chopped off); (2) as a zombie you did/may have killed some or many humans, and after curing, would remember; and/or (3) the cure itself is excessively painful.


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