Welcome Changes to Massachusetts Probate Process Delayed

Well it seems some of the welcome changes to the probate process we have been anticipating here in Massachusetts will just have to wait a bit longer.  Last week Governor Patrick signed a bill into law that delays implementation of the outstanding pieces of the new Uniform Probate Code until next January, 2012.

Notably for my readers, we will have to wait another year before there is any way to legally nominate permanent guardians for our children outside of a Will. So, no time like the present!  If you are a parent of children under the legal age of 18 and you have yet to legally appoint whom you would like to care for, nurture, guide, and raise them to adulthood should you ever be unable to do so yourself, it’s time to get your affairs in order.

If you’re a Massachusetts resident who needs a little help to keep that as a New Year’s Resolution, just sign up here and we’ll provide you gentle accountability and motivation to take this hugely important step.  And if you work with us to do it, we promise, we’ll make it as painless as possible; you might even find you enjoy some of it!

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