Your Furry Family Members Can Now Have Their Own Trusts

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed a new law into place Friday authorizing the establishment of pet trusts and putting the Commonwealth in the majority with the 45 or so other states who have already done so.

Now Masschusetts residents whose babies are four-legged and furry (or other sorts of loved pets, including horses and birds), can set up reasonably-funded trusts (i.e. not Leona Helmsley style) to provide for their care and well-being for the rest of their lives, after their human parents are gone.

Be sure to talk with your lawyer about how best to provide for your non-human family members as part of your overall estate plan.  Given the recent changes in the law, it may be time for an update to your existing plan.

And now, some gratuitous pictures of my “babies before babies”:

My 1st “baby”, 1999
My 2nd “baby”, a couple mos. later – helping me study in law school!
Don’t all kitty-mommies present their b-day boys with candles in their celebratory can of tuna fish?
all grown up, so fast
Go Pack Go!

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