The Top 4 Reasons You Don’t Have An Estate Plan Yet

The following is a guest blog post by Astrid Muhammad, Client Liaison to DGVE law.

Danielle’s free, fun, friendly, biweekly e-newsletter yesterday offered some excellent information about procrastination.  Did you see it?  If not, you can sign up in that teal box over on the side of this page or email me ( and I’ll forward it to you.  Those tips on fighting procrastination sparked an idea.

As the Client Liaison for DGVE law, I have the privilege of speaking with prospective clients daily.  I want to share with you the top 4 reasons I hear as to why they haven’t created an estate plan yet.

1.  It took having Baby #2 on the way to motivate us.  Some prospective clients call in admitting to me right off the bat that they know that they’ve waited way too long to not have anything in place and now that their next baby’s due date is approaching, it’s time!  They feel guilty and somewhat ashamed for not having done it sooner.  I say better late than never and congratulations on deciding to get your plan done.  Having a baby on the way brings about all sorts of anxiety and stress, why add this to your plate?  Don’t delay!  Get things in place so that when that baby comes, you can rest easy knowing that your estate plan is in place and your family is protected!

2.  I have to discuss things with my husband.  I had a lady call in and tell me how badly she wanted to get the estate planning done for her family, which includes 4 minor children.  She knew that they really need an estate plan, but had to talk things over with her husband first.  I followed up a couple of times and that conversation hadn’t happened yet.  Ladies, sit your husband down or go out on a date to his favorite seafood or steakhouse and have that important conversation with him.  Explain to him how important it is for not only you, but your family, to have your estate plan well done.

3.  We don’t see eye-to-eye.   It breaks my heart when couples can’t agree about legally naming guardians for their minor child/children.  I feel for them because if something were to happen to them today, without guardians being legally named, it would be left up to the judge to decide what’s going to happen.  I tell them that they can always change their minds later and of course no one’s ever going to be the perfect choice.  Do you want to decide who’s going to look after your precious ones or do you want someone else to decide for you?

4.  We can’t afford it.  Let me tell you, if you someone told you today about an incredible vacation sale that was going on, you wouldn’t be able to find your credit card fast enough!  Don’t dawdle any longer because you think you can’t afford it.  We know times are tough.  They are for everyone.  We want to help you.  That’s why DGVE law accepts credit cards and offers payment plans to help make it as affordable as possible for your to get your family’s plan in place now.

Don’t put off getting your estate plan done.  Give me a call right now at (781) 740-0848 so we can schedule your Peace of Mind Planning Session with Danielle.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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