Introducing DGVE law’s New Trust Funding Coordinator!

I am thrilled to announce that Bari Vallas, Esq., has joined the DGVE law Team as our dedicated trust Funding Coordinator!

Bari spent 20 years practicing as civil litigator prior to transitioning to an expertise in trust funding. As Funding Coordinator for DGVE law, Bari is now helping review and organize clients’ financial information, preparing easy-to-understand asset spreadsheets for each client, and working diligently with Danielle and her clients to ensure that their trusts are properly funded so their estate plans will work as intended and designed (rather than end up a pile of useless paper).

You see, it’s not enough to have a trust “drawn up” – you have to actually fund your trust if you want it to accomplish your goals. Often those goals include avoiding the stress and expense and delay of probate and ensuring that your property passes to your loved ones when and how you want. So many trusts fail because people have the trust document and don’t know how to properly apply it to work. My goal is to ensure that all my clients’ plans work when their families need them to most, and proper trust funding is a critical step towards achieving that goal.

About Danielle G. Van Ess

Danielle G. Van Ess is a Massachusetts (born and raised), experienced estate planning and small business attorney who helps her clients protect and preserve what matters most to them. To learn more, please visit: or call: 781-740-0848