A New Dinner Party Third Rail?

Most of us have been taught not to discuss religion, money, or politics in polite company (though I always thought that made for snoozers and you wish you could have been a fly on the wall at our last annual tapas party – fun!).

But there would seem to be a new, umbrella taboo or dinner party third railif you Will (pun intended): estate taxes. You see, all the drama around Congress’ inaction to deal with the federal estate tax issue recently has made for lots of discussion, but that discussion necessarily leads to money and politics (like when I was chatting earlier today about it with “my Republican friend,” as I teasingly call one of my nearest and dearest friends, though truth be told she’s not even close to my only Republican friend, we just share an affinity for discussing politics vigorously, respect one another’s points, agree to disagree, and move on to other topics easier than many).

Anyway, given all the uncertainty and the potentially serious financial and practical consequences one course of political action may have over another, perhaps it’s best to avoid the topic, in polite (read: boring) company for the time being. And if you have questions about it, ask your estate planning lawyer and/or accountant, who has your best interests in mind, about it for some quality, personal advice based on your particular situation.

PS: I intentionally shortened this blog post especially for you know who you are who requested as a New Year’s gift that my information come in shorter, more easily digestible, and fun to read bits! 😉


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1 thought on “A New Dinner Party Third Rail?

  1. Interesting post. I would love a conversation about the federal estate tax, even if it led to the third rail topics of money and politics. I sometimes wish that more people would take an interest in the federal estate tax (and in estate planning in general). Many think that the federal estate tax is someone else's problem. Some are surprised to find out that they could be exposed to this tax when (and if) it is reinstated in 2011.


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