Numbers You Need At Your Fingertips Yesterday

Recent events in my personal life reminded me how critically important it is to be prepared. So I thought I’d share so you’re not caught unprepared mid-crisis. The following are just a small sampling of the names and numbers you need to have ready at your fingertips, yesterday:
1. Your Child’s Pediatric Dentist.
Someday she will be mortified that I am sharing this, but yesterday afternoon, precisely after I got my three-month-old baby down for one of those precious, rare, crib naps, I got a call from my five-year-old’s teacher from school, saying that she had chewed on her brand new gloves that she selected because of their beaded pattern, lodging one bead under the gum behind her front tooth. I kid you not. When I picked her up to rush her to the pediatric dentist, my darling daughter informed me that she had wanted to share one of the beads with her friend, so she was trying to bite it off to give her. Seriously. As she was already an established patient they were able to squeeze us in and we were able to avoid the trip to the emergency room that might have been otherwise, turning what ended up as a 3 hour loss of work time for me into something even longer! Ah, the joys of parenthood. Now she’s 5 and had already been as a patient, but I felt comforted knowing that her two younger sisters already have an “in” to this office should they need help in an emergency too.

2. Your trusted, well-qualified appliance repair person.

Our refrigerator and freezer died unexpectedly, the week before Thanksgiving. The appliance repairman was able to keep it alive for about another week on life support before he had to pull the plug. Today marks Day 10 without a fridge or freezer. We are feeding our family of five here totally college-style, getting very creative, and emptying out the pantry to a near bare bones level not seen since we moved into this home three years ago. You don’t know when or why, but someday your most crucial appliance will break down, and you really ought to have your very own trusted, well-qualified appliance repair person’s name and number at your fingertips! It’s better to do that research before you’re in crisis! Ask for recommendations and *why*, make a call, and establish a relationship if you can before you have to make an emergency call for help.
3. Your “stable” of babysitters.
You know what I’m talking about: you have a “stable” of babysitters, ready to dial any time you need one. You seek them out, check them out (their references, background checks), you interview them, you observe them the first few times with your children, you make sure you trust them and that you’ll have someone when you need her. And you need at least one who is likely available on an emergency basis. Before I was a lawyer or a mom I was a babysitter and nanny extraordinaire! And I was available pretty much on a moment’s notice in college, which came in really handy for the lovely couple that lived in my apartment building when the husband’s brother died very unexpectedly and they were able to drop their baby off with me for a couple hours to play while they were able to grieve and react without frightening or upsetting him.
4. Your personal family lawyer.
In the past several months alone I have received calls for assistance for such things as: (a) personal injury claim; (b) sexual harassment defense; (c) minor criminal infraction; (d) collections assistance. Each of those calls resulted in at least an hour or more of conversation plus follow up, research, and my eventual referral to attorneys specializing in those areas. I do adoption, estate planning, and residential real estate work, so why you ask did these people call me? They know me. They trust me. They want my opinion. And they need to be heard by someone who is compassionate during their personal crises. That is why I am offering my clients the opportunity to join one of my new DGVE law Membership Programs. For a minimal monthly fee, one of the many benefits of membership is that they have access to me for any legal or financial questions that ever come up. If it’s something I can handle for them personally, it will be my pleasure. If not, I will refer them to someone I have already vetted and would trust to handle the matter for me personally. This way, my clients never have to worry or feel like they’re on their own in crisis. I’m here for them throughout their lifetimes as their trusted family advisor. Some day, for some reason, you or someone you love are/is going to need a lawyer, and wouldn’t it be better if, in crisis, you didn’t have to first stop and figure out where to find the right lawyer for you?
I’m sure you can think of a whole host of others to add to this list and welcome you to help others out by doing so in a comment to this post. Now, on Dancer, on Prancer… off and get the rest of your trusted go-to team in place yesterday, before you need them.

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