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For the third round of the Sakura Bloom Babywearing Triathalon my little office assistant and I thought we’d take you on a tour of our home-based office here at DGVE law. Enjoy!


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9 thoughts on “Video Tour of DGVE law

  1. Thanks, everyone! My baby usually sleeps through meetings (I try really hard to time it that way – it will be easier once she's a bit older & on a regular nap/sleep schedule), but she's also been known to wake to be fed (which I can do easily/discreetly in the sling too, I use a L'oved Baby nursing shawl over the sling sometimes too) & to need a new diaper, which just gives my clients a moment to talk amongst themselves too while I scoot into the next room & back quickly. I welcome my clients' babies to the meetings too, though it's not as great for older children given (1) how distracted my clients are when their older, walking-age children are present, (2) the nature of the topic of discussion if they're estate planning clients, & (3) the fact that my office is one of the only non-child-proofed rooms in the whole house!

    Erin – It is *hard* work to make this work, but it's also so worth it! I asked my older daughters the other day about getting some office space outside the home (where there's some great new construction just down the street, walking distance) & they were adamantly opposed.

    Charlie – Thanks, man. That's what brought us to Hingham, and where my husband & I cooked up a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner, broken fridge/freezer & all!


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