"The Kids Are All Right" Authors Want Your Children Protected

Orphaned Children and Authors of the Bestselling Book “The Kids Are All Right” Partner With Personal Family Lawyers® Nationwide to Ensure Parents Have Affordable Access to Name Guardians for Kids

Liz and Diana Welch, bestselling authors of “The Kids Are All Right” and daughters of late soap star Ann Williams have partnered with a national team of lawyers to ensure parents have affordable access to name guardians for their kids in advance of tragedy so what happened to them never happens to other children. Danielle G. Van Ess is the Personal Family Lawyer® for the Greater Boston area.

Boston, MA. November 24, 2009. On the heels of releasing their best-selling memoir about their experience after the death of both of their parents, Liz and Diana Welch, authors of the “The Kids Are All Right”, have partnered with Personal Family Lawyers® throughout the United States and Canada to ensure all parents know what they need to do to make sure their kids would never be left without a clear plan if anything happens to their parents.
The four Welch siblings’ father’s family was from Boston with close relatives in Quincy and Hanover. Their father was killed in a car accident when they were still children. Tragically soon thereafter with the children ranging in age from age 8 to age 19, they were split up after the death of their mother, soap star, Ann Williams. While it’s true the Welch kids did turn out even better than all right in many respects, they can’t help but wish their mother had planned better for their care, which became nearly impossible once she was diagnosed with cancer.

With the objective of ensuring that no children ever again are left without a comprehensive plan for their care, Liz and Diana Welch talked at length with nationally recognized legal expert and founder of the Family Wealth Planning Institute, Alexis Martin Neely. During this talk, the Welch sisters recounted the painful loss of their parents within years of each other, how they fared in the absence of guardianship directives, and what it was like for the four Welch children to be separated after the death of their parents. They also discussed what parents need to know about naming legal guardians and resources for getting the process started totally free. [If you are interested in listening to this recorded conversation, please send an email to astrid@dgvelaw.com]

“Especially in times of economic hardship, many parents think drafting a will or naming guardians for their kids is a luxury that is out of the question. But as the Welch’s story makes clear, it’s far more emotionally and personally costly, downright painful in fact, for children to be left orphaned and financially insecure than it is for their parents to work with a lawyer in the first place,” says Danielle G. Van Ess of DGVE law, the Personal Family Lawyer for the Greater Boston area, with an office in Hingham, MA.

In honor of the Welch siblings and their new book, Personal Family Lawyers® throughout the United States and Canada are offering a free Family Wealth Planning Session (which Attorney Van Ess calls a “Peace of Mind Planning Session” because, as she says, that’s really what it’s all about), including guardian nominations, to parents at http://www.PersonalFamilyLawyer.com. Use the certificate code Welch.

If there is not yet a Personal Family Lawyer in your neighborhood, you can create legal documents naming guardians for your children at the free Kids Protection Plan website.

“I want to help as many children in our area as I can to ensure that they are not left without a plan for their care, no matter what. It’s my pleasure to offer this gift in honor of the Welch siblings and their new book,” says Attorney Van Ess, the only Personal Family Lawyer® in the Greater Boston area.

For further information on naming guardians for kids or the partnership between Liz and Diana Welch and local Personal Family Lawyer® Danielle G. Van Ess, please contact Astrid Muhammad, Client Liaison to DGVE law at (781) 740-0848 or astrid@dgvelaw.com.

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