What Does Your Lawyer Have to Do With A Corn Maze?

Last weekend, our family enjoyed a trip to the Sauchuk Farm corn maze in Plympton, MA. The baby slept peacefully in the Sakura Bloom sling I wore her in and about which I was asked & on which I was complimented repeatedly. I was perhaps a little too excited to share how excited I am to be participating in this babywearing contest with one mom who was chasing her two boys while wearing her newborn in Baby Bjorn. I am so grateful for being given the opportunity to try out this ring sling, with which I am now completely in love.

Anyway…, our almost 5-yr-old led us out of the corn maze by making good choices, guided by helpful sign posts and a kiddie-friendly quiz for hints they gave her at the start (for example, What does corn drink? a. milk b. water or c. soda). She did great with most of them quickly, but there was one she missed and we did a long loop (my husband and I smiling to each other but letting her figure it out for herself). Fortunately for her and her 3 year-old little sister who was pretty much following her with blind trust, my husband and I were there to help evaluate and guide those choices if and when she really needed us too. And it occurred to me that this is what I try to do for my clients. I ask them probing questions and then from their answers I try to present their choices and help guide them into making the best informed decisions they can. In the end, my clients always choose their own paths, but my role as an attorney and counselor at law is a lot like guiding people through a maze.

So when I had the recent privilege of presenting to the Plymouth Chapter of the Holistic Moms’ Network this past Wednesday evening, I had the participants put themselves into the mindset of the maze of estate planning options. I then gave them a guided tour of the maze, showing them where they might hit dead ends, circle back, and how best to navigate the maze. In essence, they chose their own adventure, but in a safe way were able to experience that adventure from start to finish, without suffering the actual consequences of real life. They were great and I cannot imagine a more forgiving group, especially when standing there with my baby all nestled comfortably in the sling I asked “so, should we get started?” and the baby took that as her cue to blow out of her diaper (really!?! right then!?!). But I think this group of loving moms “got it” that preparing a solid estate plan with a professional to ensure you are avoiding some of the mistakes even the most loving parents make is one of the most important, lasting gifts you can possibly give your children and other loved ones.

Please don’t wait another day, that will inevitably turn into another week, and then it will be Thanksgiving and the holidays in December and next thing you know, 2010. Life will not slow down for you (trust me on this, I’ve tried!). Just put the most important, rather than the most immediate, things on the very top of that to do list, then cross them off in order. Until next time, have a great weekend!

About Danielle G. Van Ess

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