My Comment May Shock You

Please see the comment I recently posted in response to a great blog post by Neal Frankle over at

“One Question You Must Ask Before Hiring An Estate Attorney.”

My comment might shock you, or not. Either way, please comment here and let me know!

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One thought on “My Comment May Shock You

  1. Id you comment is only shocking, it is because it displays a professionalism that has sadly disappeared from the profession.

    Now, FWIW, I have not made any attempts at estate planning, but I have no heirs and no assets- only liabilities. Therefore, my estate planning goals are fundamentally different – how can I stiff my creditors and/or stick it to the people who have crossed me? Can I bequeath a flaming bag of poop or a case of the clap?

    Now, what was I saying about professionalism?


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