Adventures in Lawyering and Babywearing!

I am silly excited and have to share. I have had the great fortune to be selected as one of seven participants in the Sakura Bloom Babywearing Triathalon! This is a contest wherein I will be able to try out a variety of lovely Sakura Bloom slings to keep my sweet baby girl (who is 4 weeks old today – how did that happen!?!) comfortably close to me as I:

  • create estate plans for my clients;
  • chase after my 3 and almost 5-year-old girls, taking them to school, ballet and karate classes, playdates and birthday parties;
  • participate in networking meetings with other professionals;
  • clean my house;
  • give seminars for moms’ groups regarding wills, trusts, and naming guardians for their children;
  • cook;
  • welcome potential new clients for their Initial Peace of Mind Estate Planning Meetings; and
  • fold and put away laundry (there is always so much of it to do!).

This is truly the modern art of babywearing, is it not? My best friend of about 18 years will love it – the image we’ve always shared of me with a baby on one hip and a briefcase on the other (as it was with my second daughter – see the picture below) is giving way to the image of me wearing my baby as I work.

Well, OK, I wore both of my older daughters as well. Here I am wearing my second daughter (and true to form, holding my travel mug with coffee).

In my copious free time (ha!) I am reading The Red Tent and thinking of women’s lives as mothers, wives, workers, aunties, etc. centuries ago as it compares to now. It’s beautiful that we’ve not lost that instinctual, reciprocal need that mothers and babies have to stay close as much as possible. Anyway, it should be an exciting 6 weeks! Stay tuned as I share photos, video, and anecdotes from my very own adventures in lawyering and babywearing (oh that movie takes me back!).

Update 10/10/09: My Sakura Bloom Pure Collection sling in “Storm” arrived and after reading the instructions and watching the instructional videos I tried it out with my littlest chiquita yesterday. It is *awesome* (no, I am not getting paid – see above link for contest rules). My 5-week-old (10 lb. 3 oz.) baby nursed and fell sound asleep in the cradle position and I wore her comfortably like that for about 3 hours! Here’s the first picture I have to share:
As I type this, she is sleeping soundly in the tummy-to-tummy position against my chest, which is just right for kissing her little head!

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5 thoughts on “Adventures in Lawyering and Babywearing!

  1. I wish I could have gotten comfortable with those things. Tried wearing E in the snuggli while cooking dinner until I started worrying about searing her face off by dropping her in the oven or while stirring a pot….Now I have to worry about her flinging herself off the kitchen island while I cook because she likes to “sit down” while I cook!


  2. Oh my goodness. That is too adorable. Good for you! I loved that when my baby was a newborn, I could put her in that sling and trust that she would be comfortable and sleep for ages. We both loved it!

    Congrats on the opportunity to be a triathalon participant!!


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