Problems with DIY Estate Planning, Part 1

Massachusetts Elder Law Blog: Problems with DIY Estate Planning, Part 1

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One thought on “Problems with DIY Estate Planning, Part 1

  1. Understandably in our current economic atmosphere everyone is concerned with trying to spend money wisely. Yet especially in light of the media attention regarding celebrity deaths, more people are also realizing the importance of estate planning *now* rather than tempting tragedy to strike. We are a culture very much drawn to convenience and an educated population would like to be able to do it ourselves. So the appeal of of these online and software will packages is obvious. Attorney Sasha Golden has done an excellent job in her blog post of noting some of the biggest concerns with these, however, and people would do well to heed the warning and seek the advice of qualified, licensed attorneys in their jurisdiction to assist them with something so critically important as protecting their loved ones when they are unable to do so themselves.


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